Something New

I thought I would start a blog because I am leaving to Thailand in less than a month! Everyday my excitement and expectation for this trip grows tremendously. I am beginning to think that once I get there I might just explode because what I have been dreaming of for months is right where I am! It is crazy to think that in a short time I will be in the midst of where God is calling me to be and where my future lies. I am walking in faith, and diving head first into discovering what God is calling me to do. I have no idea as to what it will look like in the future, but right now I am working on taking it day-by-day in awe of where He has taken me thus far. What I think can bring God’s glory to Thailand in the future currently looks like a school of creative arts for children, men and women rescued from human trafficking; but from what has happened, I know God can turn it around and make it look like something completely different. So I am choosing to work in His plan for my life, and follow wherever He leads me.

Getting to the great cliche that is the title of this post, something new, I am calling it this because Thailand is not where I thought my life would be heading. In grade 10 I had my plan. I would graduate high school, go to Ryerson University to study fashion design for 4 years, graduate university, then start my career, get married, have a 4 kids, make good money, live comfortably, and give 70% of my profits to charities and that was that. But in grade 12 I chose to make God the #1 priority in my life, setting track and everything else aside. I thought that joining the leadership course at my youth group in First Assembly church was my first step. Really, the biggest reason I joined was because of the promised missions trip that you can only go on if you are in the course. I had always wanted to go on one because of all the stories I heard and how life changing they were and commonly, you leave the country. Which I never had, at the time.

We were to be going to Estonia when we first started talking about the trip. At the time though, prices to Europe had gone up a considerable amount and travelling to Europe had gone out of our budget. We then were given alternative choices: Colombia, the Philippines, or Thailand. However, as attractive as they all sounded, and thinking about all God could do, Thailand really grabbed my attention. It is still considered a developing country and honestly, I never thought about travelling there. I actually completely forgot about it since everyone “grew up” and that joke I vaguely remember about the punchline having to do with “Bangkok.” ­čÖé

Anyways, we got around to the decision of going to Thailand for the trip and everyone was so excited.

To go: with a greater purpose

Ever since I was young I have gotten prophetic words spoken over me that I would have influence over women. I never really took it as anything serious because I could not see how I could lead women if (at that time) I could not even keep them as friends. Saying that I would have influence over women and some degree of authority, for lack of a better word, I did not understand how. Learning that┬áThailand is the #1 country in the world for human trafficking, I am now starting to see the “how.” Nothing breaks my heart or makes me feel unbelievably ill more than the reality of men, women, and children┬ábeing sexually exploited. The very thought of it brings me to tears. Why do people have the power to place so little value on others, and that this happens openly and that it is widely tolerated? For this, I am going; to give the power all to God. Even if you have made it through this post as someone who doesn’t believe in God, to understand that value isn’t determined by those around you, or people who have power and authority over you.

My journey starts with teaching children English and I believe this will give me a foothold in furthering my future that waits in Thailand.

This post probably went all over and not in the direction I was intending, but hopefully you got something out of it!

Jeremiah 1:10

“Today I appoint you to stand up against nations and kingdoms. Some you must uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow. Others you must build up and plant.”

With much love and thanks,

~Marissa Myers


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