It's a big deal. 20. No more excuses. So much, yet so little life lived. Well, here's a little something of something.



Intermission means to pause, or break. During the pause, or break in life, what do you do? Are you passive or active?

The Uncomfortable Comfortable

The popular saying "a square peg in a round hole" is how you could explain the feeling of coming back from a life where you finally felt like your edges were rounding and you could almost fit into the round hole. Now, like an octagon in a round hole, you may slip in, but you don't fill the spaces.


Most will be familiar with the game Sardines, the opposite of hide-and-seek. Sometimes the person who is hiding picks a really easy place. The last to find them is the next to hide. The greatest game of all has the greatest prize of all at the end. This game involves everyone in the world. No one is hiding, but everyone is searching.

Whirlwind: Part One

Remember those days when you were in school, or at work, that seemed to be going on forever and never seemed to end? Then you go on vaction or get a break and because you've filled it with plans with friends, or went away, it goes by in the blink of an eye, as they say. Then you wish you didn't have to go back to reality, but reality stops for nothing, and stops for no one.

The One About Rain

Have you ever gone out in the rain and there's wind and even though you're wearing a jacket you still get wet? Or the wind blows and your umbrella flips inside out? And you find yourself thinking, "why do I have an umbrella if I'm still going to get wet?"

Only Living

This is beyond just a trip. It truly is life that I am living. Within just living life, so much is being revealed that would not have been made known if this was 'just a trip.' So here's to living 'just living.'


Sometimes answers don't always drop out of the sky. They can come in different forms. Like a whisper, or a storm, or in an instagram post.

Making It Home: Part 2

"Make your self at home" is often said when you are invited into someone else's house. Even if it is your first time being there. How to settle in when this home is much larger than a house and boundaries of "making myself at home" are more complicated than if it is acceptable for me to put my feet up on the coffee table or not.

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